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We haven't done one of these in a while, and it's still awful!

Loretta8 and I discuss NU football and basketball, Loretta is unaware the years that various Northwestern football players are, and, well, it isn't really worth listening to. However, we are joined by the prestigious WandyRod, who basically is just a guy who really hates Texas A&M and will fill your hearts with his hate. Highly recommended listening.

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"Int'l Players' Anthem (I Choose You)", UGK Feat. Outkast

One of my ideas leading up to the bowl was a week of Houston-themed rap music. Well, it fell through, but that couldn't help me from posting one of my favorites. In front of a sugary soul sample, four talented rappers tell us about feminism, or some form of it. "Talented" is an interesting word. Andre 3000, for example, clearly shows why he's one of the best rappers of all time with his verse. On first listen, his flow is helter-skelter, halting, and randomly has the words "peninsula" and "spaceship" in it. But on third and fourth listens, it's clear that Three Stacks is a technical genius. From the first word, Dre twists in and out of alliteration, intra-line and inter-line rhyme schemes, and absurd puns - "so like a pip, I'm glad it's night" - while telling us about the joys of monogamy.

Then, it's time for someone named "Pimp C" to spit a verse on a song called "I Choose You". It's a difficult prospect. His name and reputation are staked on misogyny, and the guy in front of him just said that he chose this cutie-pie with whom he wants to be. But Pimp C complies. Except for him, love is about the fact that his girl is "a choosy lover, never f*** without a rubber". In a song about love, Pimp C is talking about a prostitute who cares enough about herself to always use protection. Some people might find this horribly offensive, I find it one of the things that makes me enjoy rap.

"Friday Night Lights Theme", Explosions in the Sky

I'm currently flinging through Season Three of Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I don't buy a lot of the "best show ever" hype, as to be honest, I find a lot of problems with the show almost everywhere I look, namely the fact that many of the things that happen don't make sense at all when you take a closer look at other parts of the show, but it is tremendously compelling. It has an unmatched ability to swing from dramatic to touching without going too far into the realm of the unrealistic (except for the fact that every football game they choose to show seems to be decided on the last play of the game in a way foreshadowed for the entire episode, but, well, outside of that.)

Anyway, my point is, Texas Forever.