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Tuesday Sips: Now With 1000% More Humble Bragging

First things first: sign up for the Big Ten basketball gambling contest. So far we've had a rather underwhelming nine entrants (as of last night when I wrote this), but one of the nine entrants is Deadspin founder Will Leitch. Yes, really. I believe Mr. Leitch has now earned the prestigious title of most famous person to comment on Sippin' On Purple, edging out former Northwestern basketball player Ed McCants, so, congratulations. He's also an Illinois alum and picked the over on Illinois and the under on NU, so, boo. Make sure to post your entry for the contest by 7:30 eastern tonight. Now that an actual famous person is involved, you don't have an excuse not to join.

And now, actual news.

- The Chicago Tribune's Teddy Greenstein writes that Pat Fitzgerald doesn't plan to change up NU's bowl preparation despite their long bowl losing streak. There's also a telling quote from Venric Mark on exactly what that preparation entails:

"[Fitz is] even more energized at practice, running around and screaming," Mark said.

Scary. According to sources, the intensity meter is registering at previously unseen levels.

- GoUPurple of Hail To Purple wrote a great piece on how the Texas Bowl should have been Randy Walker's final game at Northwestern.

- Philip Rossman-Reich of Lake The Posts breaks down Drew Crawford's monster game against Creighton.

- Black Shoe Diaries has a nice rundown of the Big Ten's performance in non-conference play.

- Down With Goldy is less than optimistic about Minnesota's NCAA chances despite their gaudy record.

- Iowa continues to have problems at running back, as Marcus Coker is suspended for their bowl gameand his backup Mika'il McCall is apparently transferring.