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Baylor Bears vs. Northwestern Wildcats Basketball Game Thread

Screw finals, everybody, it's an exciting day in Northwestern sports world.

First off, there's this: two teams step into Welsh-Ryan Arena today, and one will leave with their first loss of the season. Vegas says that team will be Baylor, I say it will be Northwestern, but, to be honest, I'm feeling mighty enthusiastic, especially if Northwestern shoots as well as we know they can. I can't recall the Northwestern basketball sphere being as excited about a game as this one - maybe Illinois on CBS last year? - so I look forward to the Welsh-Ryan turnout being dope. Seriously, stop reading this post and come to the game!

Secondly, it's bowl revelation day. I'll be at the Baylor game, and I imagine news of what game NU is playing will break around that time, as NU said before the Michigan State game that it would hold its bowl press conference scheduled tentatively after the basketball game. I mentioned earlier that we'll be updating with news on Northwestern's bowl destination throughout the day, and wasn't lying. The smart bet is just to follow @TeddyGreenstein on twitter, but, well, we'll be following for you if you need us.

Go Cats, and remember: Meineke is your go-to source for all automotive needs!