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Northwestern Bowl Projections: Wildcats to Meineke Car Care Bowl in Houston?

We'll get to Baylor eventually, but some really interesting news is going on with bowl projections.

It looked like Northwestern, at 6-6, would end up in the ninth place slot for the Big Ten, going to the Little Caesar's Bowl to play a MAC team in Detroit, even with two BCS teams from the Big Ten. (UPDATE, 11:55 a.m. With Michigan sealing the No. 12 rank in the coaches poll, they seem extremely likely to make a BCS game.) But as earlier noted by MountainTiger, Teddy Greenstein tweeted last night that the Meineke Car Care Bowl - the seventh slot - to play a Big 12 team in Houston, which obviously is more palatable. In this scenario, NU jumps Penn State - a PR nightmare for bowls and a fanbase possibly unmotivated to travel - as well as a 6-6 Purdue team and an Illinois team that lost its last six games before firing their coach. Lake the Posts apparently heard the same thing.

Greenstein is incredibly credible, and presumably has sources telling him this, and, well, because of that, everybody is listening. Adam Rittenberg, Stuart Mandel, and Jerry Palm all had Northwestern going to the Meineke Car Care Bowl in their final guesses at where NU would head up.

If Greenstein's sources are accuratet, this would be a coup, the second time in three years where Northwestern ended up in a bowl over teams one thought might get picked first.

We'll be updating throughout the day, obviously.