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Things to be interested in as Northwestern plays Iowa

It's tough to get motivated, but alas, we must. Northwestern fans just got over the cognitive dissonance hump between being fans of a mediocre team and being convinced that that team was NCAA Tournament bound, now, we've presumably gone through all the stages of grief - I believe they're denial, bargaining, and FIRE BILL CARMODY - we have to remotivate ourselves, because, after all, we're not just going to sit here and NOT watch Northwestern basketball, knowing that there's... well, 10 months until relevant Northwestern basketball again.

So: I've provided reasons to want to pay attention, besides the obvious reason 0) You're a Northwestern fan. BECAUSE IT BEATS DOING A PREVIEW

1.Because some postseason is better than no postseason: NU has work to do to make the NIT. We're not proud of the NIT anymore, but it's better than nothing. But they'll need a strong finish to get there, and without beating Iowa tonight, it'll be near impossible. Which leads me to my second point...

2. Because we don't want to find out whether NU will accept a bid to the CBI. Good Jesus, I hope they won't, if given the opportunity.

3. Monitoring JerShon Cobb: If you ask me, he's been NU's best player as of late. I'd like to see some more progress from the freshman as we progress towards life without Michael Thompson - yes, they play different positions, but as of now, Thompson is the only guy who seems capable of creating his own shot against a Big Ten defender, and Cobb has shown signs off the dribble as of late. He'll need to gain some confidence and grow into his role as a third scorer next year. He's also been NU's best on-ball defender, but that's besides the point.

4. Just like football: How often do we get to do that? Rarely. NU has the chance for the clean football-basketball sweep over our black-hearted, gold-pantsed neighbors to the... uh... west, right? Being from New York, the Midwest still fully confuses me. You hear that? SCREW YOU, MINNESOTA.

5. John Shurna's quest to finish the year shooting above .500 from three: He's now slipped to .495. Iowa is not noted for its perimeter defense. C'mon, Johnny. Make history by setting the best record for a concussed 3-point shooter.

6. Bill Carmody's body language: It's the only sign of a good coach, according to people who aren't me.

7. DM. Ever consider the reason NU hasn't fired Bill Carmody yet is because he pledged to donate $1000 to whichever group brought the most dancers to tonight's game? Just a theory. Tavaras Hardy never said he'd pay anything.

8. Because if NU wins out, they'll be 9-9 in conference. Just joking.