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Northwestern 70, Indiana 64: Postgame Thread

It wasn't easy, but Northwestern held off multiple Hoosier runs in the 2nd half to escape Assembly Hall with a victory, making Indiana the second NU victim of the dreaded football/basketball sweep. I wonder when NU last accomplished that feat: I'll set the over/under at 1973.

Much like Thursday against Iowa, the interior defense was horrendous, but NU managed to get several key stops down the stretch, mostly behind the clutch defense of John Shurna, who bizarrely seemed to get much better defensively after picking up his 4th foul with eight minutes to go (Carmody wisely elected to keep Shurna in the game the entire way). Shurna also had 19 points and 5 rebounds, and Michael Thompson made up for an uncharacteristically bad floor game (5 turnovers against just 2 assists) by hitting all 11 of his free throws.

Regardless of the lack of style of points, road wins in the Big Ten are hard to come by, let's enjoy this one.

Oh, after the jump, watch Juice do an awesome high-step dribble right after the final buzzer, thanks to NUHighlights for this:

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Haters gonna hate.