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Penn State vs. Northwestern Game Thread

Northwestern looks to actually defeat Ed and the fighting DeChellises in Evanston tonight, and IT'S ON ESPN2. YES, THATS RIGHT, ESPN2 IN ALL OF ITS GLORY.

It's a pivotal game. So pivotal, you should comment.

I, of course, will be at the game, so, you know, I'm too pivotal to comment. But you should! Especially those of you who didn't comment last time when NU shot 2-21 from deep and lost by 23. Those people should all comment, all seven billion of you on the planet Earth, including, but not limited to, Talor Battle and Jeff Brooks. I know you're reading.

So stop losing to Penn State in a sport they don't care about.

P.S., "I do everything my pen state like a Nittany Lion" - Joell Ortiz. Never gets old.