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Penn State 66, Northwestern 52: Postgame Thread

This was about as frustrating a loss as Northwestern has suffered all season. They appeared dead after allowing Penn State to start the game on an 18-2 run, but cut the deficit to just three at the half, as the Nittany Lions were unable to solve the 1-3-1 (seriously, they had more turnovers than points the last 12 minutes of the first half).

Sadly, it wasn't enough, as Northwestern couldn't buy a perimeter jumper the entire game (6 for 23 behind the arc), couldn't stop Jeff Brooks and David Jackson from scoring (the duo combined to go 14 of 18 from the floor), and couldn't stop Tim Frazier from getting into the lane (10 assists).

Extremely annoying to watch open jumper after open jumper clang off the rim; it's enough to drive a man to the bottle. As for NU's post-season chances, they better beat Minnesota next week, or it's off to the CBI (perhaps against Iowa.)