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Northwestern Women's Lacrosse Update: They're Still Good

I feel bad: I don't write about the women's lax team much because I know nothing about lacrosse, have never seen the team play, and wouldn't know what was going on if I did. (This is me saying "hey, if you know even the slightest of things about women's lacrosse, write stuff on this website.")

However, I'm well aware of how rare rings are at Northwestern University, so, let's talk about it: After surprising errbody by NOT winning last year, the chicks with sticks (with webbing on the end of them) are back to their dominant selves, and last night beat No. 3 North Carolina 7-6 in overtime, with the deciding goal coming off a shot by Taylor Thornton with 15 seconds to go. NU actually lost to North Carolina last year in the regular season, so, this is a good start.This comes after the Cats beat No. 10 Notre Dame, to make for a disturbingly strong strength of schedule.

The No. 1 team are the defending national champions, Maryland, who don't show up on the Cats schedule. After all, that's what Maryland does: crabcakes, football, and women's lacrosse. NU is No. 2, which, quite frankly, is absurd and dumb and the people who vote for that are really stupid. Tomorrow they take on No. 10 Vanderbilt. Dammit, shoulda roadtripped to Vandy for that like I did for the football game.