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2011 NIT: Northwestern vs. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Game Thread

Make em say uhhh.

Northwestern hosts its first postseason game in a decade and the better half of another decade. I have always wondered what postseason basketball looks like in person - I've always assumed it's sort of like regular basketball but Clark Kellogg is there analyzing things poorly - and tonight's that night. I hope it's rowdy and that my punk classmates realize that this is more important than their puny finals. (Yeah, being on JR! No, working a real 9-5 job!)

Tis on ESPN3 for all y'all not in the Evanston region. If you are in the Evanston region, you shouldn't be watching it on ESPN3 because you should be there, because with victories by Boston College and Oklahoma State over Harvard, it is most certainly Juice Thompson's last home game for the Cats, and that's mighty sad.