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NCAA Tonight 3/17/2011: Late Games Open Thread

Tough break, Princeton.
Tough break, Princeton.

We had an incredible run of great games early in the day, with Butler winning on a Matt Howard tip-in at the buzzer, Penn State going down to Temple on a last-second shot, and Kentucky barely escaping Princeton. Yet all that paled in comparison to Louisville going down to Morehead State; anyone who penciled in Rick Pitino for the second round was premature, but it certainly isn't a shocker that Rick couldn't hold it together down the stretch. Ok, I'll stop now.

Tonight's action:

#15 UC-Santa Barbara Gauchos vs.#2 Florida Gators (-13), 5:50 central, TBS

#14 Wofford Terriers vs. #3 BYU Cougars (-8.5), 6:15 central, CBS

#14 Bucknell Bison vs. #3 UConn Huskies (-10), 6:20 central, TNT

#13 Belmont Bruins vs. #4 Wisconsin Badgers (-5), 6:27 central, TruTV

#10 Michigan St. Spartans vs. #7 UCLA Bruins (+1), ~8:20 central, TBS

#11 Gonzaga Bulldogs vs. #6 St. John's Red Storm (-1.5), ~8:45 central, CBS

#11 Missouri Tigers vs. #6 Cincinnati Bearcats (-1), ~8:50 central, TNT

#12 Utah State Aggies vs. #5 Kansas St. Wildcats (-2.5), ~8:57 central, TruTV

Let's do this.