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Site Note: Going Going Back Back to Cuba Cuba

So, we went over this last year, but it's happening again, and right in the heart of Northwestern's NIT run: I'm going on an ASB trip to Cuba, leaving tomorrow morning. It's the second time I've been, and for my dad, who is coming with me, the first time he'll have been since leaving the country in 1960 at the age of 3. It should be really cool.

Yeah, I know: NU is in the third round of the NIT, which is the furthest they've advanced in any postseason tournament ever, and therefore by default, the game I'll miss will be the most important ever played in NU basketball history (at least technically, but possibly actually as well), but I think I'll be able to live with missing it. (Don't worry, I'll ESPN3 it win or lose when we get back.) As I found out last year, while most people in Cuba don't have televisions or other such electronic items, our hotel DOES in fact get satellite TV including some weird Latin American version of ESPN, but I can pretty much guarantee that even given the option, I'll choose to go do other stuff rather than sitting in my room for two hours in one of the more interesting placesin the world instead of watching the NIT.. I hope you don't blame me. I won't be surprised if I arrive back in Miami next Monday with no clue what happened to NU, and quite frankly that's a little refreshing - although I'll certainly peep some Latin American sportscenter when I'm in my room in hopes that score shows up.

The site is in Loretta's hands til I get back next Monday - feel free to Fanpost stuff or do whatever you want.

Go Cats.