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Site Notes: The Daily, the Dead Zone, and Sippin' on Purple

Hey y'all. I'm back like I left something.

Clearly, there's no reason for me to continue writing this site, because having returned and read everything that got posted on the site I'm basically dead weight, as the work by Loretta8 and Herman was absolutely incredible. Unfortunately for you, the readers, I still have posting privileges and you'll have to pry them from my cold, dead hands if you ever want this site to improve.

During my time in Cuba, Northwestern's basketball season ended, signifying the end the second season of money sports on Sippin' on Purple. Cuba unsurprisingly has little in the way of NIT coverage. Most people have no access to American TV, obviously. (Although I did meet a guy on the street who had a friend who worked at the Spanish embassy and had access to NBA games and followed them religiously, even down to the fact that he was disappointed his favorite team, the Celtics, had traded away Kendrick Perkins - he didn't really care about college ball but told me that the "college basket magness" was going on now. He was also under the impression that LeBron James went to Ohio State.) As tourists, our rooms did, featuring ESPN and two channels of ESPN Deportes, one of which showed a constant stream of NCAA basketball with Spanish commentator, and more importantly, Spanish commentators attempting to translate Lesley Visser's sideline reports - "she's saying... that Ohio State needs more defense", etc. - but, hell, I was in Cuba, so, I limited my TV time as much as possible. I decided to spend as much time as possible exploring an unrealistically beautiful and screwed up country rather than staying up on my brackets, although I did catch the first half of OSU-Kentucky. I heard reports about NU's overtime loss, but still haven't seen the game and needed your Twitter verification that said game actually did happen yesterday upon immediate arrival in the Miami airport.

So, that's over. But let's talk about what you guys want to read - after the jump.

First off, I'm extremely proud and excited to say that tonight will be my first night as Sports Editor of the Daily Northwestern, which just puts another thing on the list of things I have in common with every middle-aged black talking head on Around the Horn, besides the obvious ones of being black, middle aged, and on ESPN afternoon programming. As I mention from time to time I've worked at the Daily in some facet since fall quarter my freshman year - you may remember when I handed over the site to Loretta8 for a few months last year so I could cover the basketball team. This time, I'm not doing that - because, as previously noted, prying from cold dead hands. Instead I hope to bring a little bit of the insight I'll get from publishing a daily newspaper about NU sports - especially ones I normally don't post about here - to what goes on here. Surely, the Daily has made a horrendous mistake, but I plan on making the most out of it. It's my gig til June.

Said period of time between March and June also coincides with a pretty interesting time of the year to be a college sports blogger - we all like football and basketball, the other sports aren't on TV and have fewer attendees and well, they aren't football and basketball. I already have a bunch of things planned out that I'm posting regardless of whether you guys like them - see also hands, dead, cold - but I'm curious to hear what type of stuff you guys would like to see MORE of. So poll city USA.

Women's lax mania: The chicks with sticks going for six. Titles. With a one year gap between the fifth and sixth one.

Other sports mania: Part of being sports editor is that I will know so much about women's tennis it's not even funny.

Spring football: Make em say uhhh.

Recruiting type stuff: Who are these guys playing for Northwestern next year? Should we care?

Retrospective: We'll have the whole summer to talk about next year. Maybe we should spend the spring moaning about the things that went right/wrong this past year? (Not that we won't already)

Looking at next year: Screw that stuff I just said. Maybe you guys want to hear everything possible about what's going to change for NU? Maybe you guys want to go back to September and hit the blackout button.

Me talking about Hip-hop for 800 words every day: I can and will do this if you told me to.