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Why I'm Attending a Women's Lacrosse Game Tomorrow:

(April Fool's Jokes are for the unfunny.)

1. I'm sports editor. It's my job to read things like this and know what I'm talking about. To quote Yung Joc, "You can catch me at Northwestern baseball games. It's going down."

2. Despite going to this school, I've never been to one in my life before. Northwestern is purportedly good.

3. If I gotta go, might as well be a good one, and No. 2 NU (9-0) are playing against No. 3 Duke (9-1), whose only loss is to No. 1 Maryland. One guy in my house told me he feels bad about never having been to a game before his graduation, as sports editor, I suggested this one.

4. You guys were pretty clear in your poll the other day that "women's lax mania" is something you guys were interested on this site. I got Herman here ready to talk about stuff, I figure I'll talk my stuff as well. (Side note: I will also follow through on the hip-hop essays, which beat out women's lax mania 26-24 in an eight horse race where no other category received more than 13 votes, despite trailing 24-23 late.)

So yeah, NU plays Duke. (It'll be on the Big Ten Network. There will be an open thread.) To me, a big question is "will this team lose in the regular season", and we'll have a pretty clear answer to that question after tomorrow: The Cats have been crushing competition, even ranked teams (three times, they've scored twice as much as a ranked opponent) and Duke is the last one on NU's regular season schedule. They'll have to face the Marylands and UNC's - i.e. teams capable of beating them - if they want to win a national championship, but if they want to go undefeated, tomorrow against one of the very few schools that seems to matter in this sport is the last real test.