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THROWBACK! (Haven't done a links post in like, 14 years, I think.)

  • First, and most importantly but way delayed thing I'm sure you saw, I got interviewed by Lake the Posts last week. (You saw this, right? If you're reading my site and not LTP... what's wrong with you?) There are two important things to note: first, that I'm apparently a member of the purple mafia. Cosa nostra. Secondly: LTP did an awesome job but neglected to point out that my answer to his question of "who is your favorite Wildcat of all time" was "Kyle Rowley". 
  • Secondly, and possibly more importantly: last Thursday I wrote a column that sadly never got posted online about why to care about spring sports mainly about how someone on the softball team uses DMX as their walkup music (money line: "managing is an art form, and coach Paul Stevens is its Jackson Pollack, if Jackson Pollack never received any critical acclaim and lost all the time"). The column itself isn't that interesting: what is interesting is that a freaky computer glitch (according to our design editor) caused my mugshot from the column to get reproduced on our 2013-2014 schedule infographic:
  • Img_0312_medium
  • Yes. Northwestern's first opponent in 2014: ME. A very tiny version of me. Whether this means that the opening game in 2014 will, in fact, be Northwestern vs. me, a broke recently graduated college student, playing 11 on one, or is just an indicator that within the next two years California will change its mascot from "The Golden Bears" to "The Rodger Sherman", well, you'll just have to wait and see. (Correct answer: both.)
  • Thanks to reader Glenn, I saw this article about NU assistant) Mitch Henderson potentially coaching at Princeton (well, actually it's about former Princeton basketball player and current New York Mets pitcher Chris Young, but, he speculates about Henderson as the likely new coach). Henderson came to NU for Bill Carmody's first season as head coach and has been here ever since, working primarily with the team's guards. Virtually every piece speculating on potential head coaches for Princeton mentions Henderson. (Why Princeton's previous head coach, Sydney Johnson, left his school after leading them to the NCAA Tournament with a one-game playoff win over Harvard and nearly beating Kentucky in the first round remains, you know, confusing.) Deadspin notes that with some basic qualifications, you, too can apply for the job. It's also noteworthy that in doing some googling, I found that Mitch Henderson's agency, the Gazelle Group (yes, the same shady organization that runs the CBI) is based out of Princeton and has a downloadable PDF promoting Henderson featuring quotes by Johnson, the former Princeton coach. Seems like a perfect fit - I'll keep an eye on it.
  • I'm hard at work on my first hip-hop essay, after the poll a few weeks ago. It's gonna be good.
  • Shout-out to the guy at the crush party last week who somehow recognized me and big-upped Sippin' on Purple. Always love seeing that.