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Northwestern Gets Commits from big men Milos Kostic, Alex Olah

Northwestern landed a pair of big men for down the road in Alex Olah and Milos Kostic today, according to both Scout and Rivals

The pair is from Indiana, although the 6-foot-11 Olah is originally from Romania and the 6-foot-10 Kostic is from Serbia. They play AAU ball together and decided to come to NU tonight together. It's nothing immediate - Olah will be in his senior season, Kostic his junior year. This means that NU will not suffer a year without an Eastern European big man after the graduation of Luka Mirkovic next season, as we'll get Olah and then a fellow Serb in back-to-back years.

According to Chris Emma from Scout, Olah looks more like a center, Kostic a power forward.

As for info on other schools recruiting these guys: Olah has been getting looks from Boston College and Illinois according to this Indy Star post, and Kostic has purportedly getting cursory looks from Indiana and Purdue as well as Fordham, who recruited one of his teammates.

Most notably, Kostic shares a name with an elderly triathlon runner.

NU is still recruiting center Joe Cannon for next season as we wrote about earlier according to Rivals.

In case you can't tell, we're trying to cover recruiting more often up in here despite how creepy it is writing about high school juniors -, but hope you enjoy, its a necessary evil of college blogging.