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Northwestern Spring Game!

Coming to you live from the press box here at Ryan Field is Sippin' on Purple's wall to wall coverage of NU's spring football game. Unfortunately, you can't, like, watch it on TV (until Monday) but you can like, comment about it? I guess? I don't know how or why you would, because you'll have no way to comment about anything, but whatever. I juwat watched Brandon Williams punt while Steve Flaherty attempted 45-yard field goals against no rush - should be awesome.

I already told you guys what to look for yesterday, and as the players stretch, I'm looking forward to my heaping helping of Jeravin Matthews, Evan Watkins, and Tim Hanrahan. Not to mention starting safety Ibraheim Campbell, and his backup, No. 19 Jimmy Hall, who, quite frankly, you've never heard of ever before no matter how much you pay attention to Northwestern football.

So let's do this, y'all .