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John Shurna Declares for NBA Draft, Doesn't Hire Agent

From NU basketball SID @Nickbrilowski:

Northwestern junior forward John Shurna has declared for the 2011 NBA Draft but has not hired an agent.


The good news is that Shurna hasn't hired an agent: that essentially means that if he doesn't get drafted (or doesn't reach an agreement with the team that drafts him, although that would be, well, less likely, although the lockout does help things), he can return to school. (UPDATE: My draft knowledge was wrong. Thanks, Randolph Morris.)He could also, opt to go to Europe, where I'm sure any number of teams would be willing to sign him.

Yesterday, I speculated on Twitter that with the large amounts of highly talented players not coming out for the draft this year due to the lockout, Shurna's chances might be considerably higher this year than last year, and to be honest, he's not THAT absurd a long shot: Draft Express has him as the No. 26 junior, and predicts that some current seniors in the 20's of this draft could get picked. With guys like Harrison Barnes and Jared Sullinger staying in this year, and definitely eating up those top spots next year, maybe this could be the year a second-round pick is available for Shurna.

Best of luck to Shurna, although, to be honest, every NU fan is kinda sort of hoping he doesn't get drafted so NU has a shot at the tourney next year. I'm writing quick so I'm not sure, but of course, he could always decide not to enter between now and June May 8..