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Northwestern Wildcats Sports Bars

Bros, SB Nation stands for Sports Blog Nation, obvi, but it also kinda sorta stands for Sports Bar Nation.

Sadly, Northwestern doesn't have an awesome sports bar scene, at least in Evanston - my apologies to the TVs at the Keg that nobody has ever watched - but its always seemed to me like the actual presence of an NU sports bar in Evanston wouldn't be that important. New Years' in Chicago, you couldn't get into Kendall's. I've never been, but everybody talks about how amazing Blondie's is for NU sporting events in New York. And with the general diaspora of NU fans across, well, everywhere, it seems like every place has its own NU sports spot.

So help us out by putting yours either in the comments or in this sweet form so we can help SB Nation further partake in nationwide booze and sports, and show them that purple does occasionally take over bars. (I know LTP has done something similar, but please help/discuss here anyway.)