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Northwestern's 2011 NFL Draft: Et Tu, Effin Stefan Demos?

So, I remember a few years back, seeing a website ranking NU's draft prospects. And above all of them, above the Wootton's and Kafka's, the site said the most draftable of them all was our kicker, Stefan Demos.

I scoffed. Demos, I feel, took an undeserved amount of criticism because he's the kicker and sometimes kickers miss. All in all, as college kickers go, he wasn't bad, but people made it seem like he was responsible for every single NU loss ever. (I mean, he even got a negative name drop in that awful song about Northwestern that random freshman made in October, mainly mentioning things there's no way he could've experienced by October of his freshman year.)

But yeah, the NFL?

That said, he's arguably NU's third-highest draft prospect this year, which is to say, he's not much of a draft prospect. has him as No. 14 of the 45 kickers graduating this year, which essentially means there's no chance of him at the next level, as the NFL has no need for more than two or three new kickers for year, considering a kicker can play up to 15-20 years, and because typically teams don't use draft picks on kickers because they're so expendable. (I find it hilarious that that site lists his 40 times.)

However, the Bears called Demos in for a workout. And the results are, let's say, disturbing.

Demos said on his Facebook page that he was 8-for-8 on field goals, including a 54-yarder.

WHAT? Demos was purportedly injured last year and needed surgery (why we still let him kick if he needed surgery, I don't know) but still, 8-FOR-8? With a 54-yarder? Jesus! Dude was shanking extra points (yeah, I know, it could've been the hold or snap) and went 5-of-10 between 40 and 49 yards last year. And he's nailing 54-yarders?

I see how it is, Demos. I see how it is.