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Center John Cannon Snubs Northwestern, Picks Georgia

John Cannon, the big man from North Carolina who had for some reason become talked of as the potential savior of all things Northwestern basketball over the last two weeks, made his announcement official today that he would choose to play at Georgia rather than Northwestern or North Carolina.

It's not good for the Cats - he would've been an awesome late addition to a class that's probably a step down from a basketball recruiting upswing over the past few years - but it's not the worst thing in the world. Although NU can always use a talented big man - and Cannon is 6-foot-11 and, well, talented, purportedly - he was still just another in a long line of three-star recruits, and although he would've been awesome for NU, let's not act like we would've been stealing someone from UNC. He was going to be a walk-on for the Tar Heels, and is probably a player at our caliber. Shame NU won't get a big man to actually do something in Bill Carmody's Princeton Offense - best of luck to Cannon at Georgia.

I pretty much spent all day trying to figure out a way to make a joke about how the cannons of Theta Chi were pointed at you, but, point being, it makes a lot of sense Cannon is staying in the south. (Apparently, College ACB no longer has a search tool since the last time I read it. Disappointing, because it will make it more difficult for me to find that thread from my freshman year where I was described as one of the hottest Jews on campus.)