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Northwestern's NFL Draft 2011: Corbin Bryant, Quentin Davie, go Undrafted

Saturday was a rough day for NU sports: John Cannon decided he'd rather play at Georgia, and NFL teams decided they'd rather have other guys play for them than Quentin Davie and Corbin Bryant.

It wasn't exactly a shocker: we knew neither player would get picked above the seventh round, and there are around 150 player that fall into the "could get drafted in the seventh round" level of talent, meaning there's a lot of competition for about 40 slots. But it's still disappointing to see both NU guys come up short.

Now comes the awkward part: normally, after you get undrafted, you look around, see which of the 32 teams you like and likes you back, then you sign in the days after the draft. However, this year, it's different, as the lockout means undrafted free agents will have to wait until after the end of the lockout to sign.

There's no doubt in my mind that Corbin and Quentin - and perhaps a few other NU players - will end up in camp somewhere, but they'll have to wait it out. Rough outcome for the ex-Cats.