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Times for NU-Penn State, NU-Michigan Ryan Field home games... at night!


Today was such an announcey day, and we had some serious announcey things going down in terms of football schedules: first we heard from Teddy Greenstein that the Michigan-Northwestern Game on October 8 will be at 7 p.m., 6 central on the Big Ten Network.

But then, JOURNO WARS, Tina Akouris confirmed that the Penn State game on October 22nd will be at the same time, although we haven't confirmed the network on that.

This is fantastic news. For a while, we'd heard that NU could only have one home game at night a year because of, well, like everything else, we could blame it on Evanston residents being prude and not wanting to be disturbed past 5 p.m. on Saturdays. Apparently, this isn't true: two night home games.NIGHT GAMES ARE AWESOME. They look cooler, they feel cooler, they get better attendance, they get more national viewership, and although I wouldn't know because I'm currently 20, and therefore, don't ever drink before football games of course, obviously, by that point, I will be 21 and will have an additional 7 hours of tailgating time as opposed to the games with 11 a.m. start times. Which is enormous for everything, including student attendance and, therefore, everything.

Sadly, Greenstein also noted that the October 8 game will coincide with Yom Kippur, which means that I'll be fasting until sundown, but, well, the rest of you will get to get crunk. Which is nice.