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Women's Lacrosse National Championship Northwestern vs. Maryland Open Thread


Predictably nobody was in the thread on Friday, but today it's the afternoon, the game is on TV, holy mother of Jesus it's raining outside, and, oh yeah, IT'S THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. So we're doing this again.

Northwestern vs. Maryland has been something building up all season long: it was kind of inevitable the national championshipw ould come down to these two teams. Maryland was undefeated for most of the season - they dropped their season finale to an unranked Dartmouth team in a really fluky game. These teams definitely have a rivalry: first off, there's the fact that Maryland thwarted NU's attempt at winning a sixth straight national championship last year, then there's all the other stuff, like the fact that Kelly Amonte Hiller went to Maryland, and, well, the fact that these are clearly the two best teams in the country and have been all year, therefore hate hate hate.

Earlier I asked the lax beat writer at the Daily if he thought NU would win the championship this year. He was pretty succint: they could, but, they have to beat Maryland. Today they have the chance.

The school about whose athletic teams I write a blog has won five national championships in all their sports combined. Today, one of those teams has sa chance to make it six. Let's go.