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Eric Peterman Drafted in UFL by Las Vegas Locos

No, it's not a slow news day.

Last night, the UFL had it's first, uh, Twitter draft (yes, with all picks coming on Twitter - what, it's not like ESPN didn't offer to broadcast it and this was a copout to spin that positively oh wait that probably was) and Eric Peterman went in third round to the Las Vegas Locos.

Let's answer some quick questions:

Why is Eric Peterman, who last played college football in 2008, on the draft board? In any league?: It's Twitter. It's more timely and edgy. My point is, I have no clue. After not sticking with the Bears, Peterman was probably was like "yeah, I'll be in the UFL" and they were like "cool, but you have to participate in our awkward Twitter draft" and he was like "sick."

Is Eric Peterman the only NU player in the UFL?: Hell no! In fact, he's not even the only former Northwestern player who played quarterback in high school who switched to wide receiver, as Andrew Brewer is on the Omaha Nighthawks - fighter of the Dayhawks. Prince Kwateng is on the Sacramento Mountain Lions, and Tim McGarigle is on the Hartford Colonials.

Are the Locos named after any alcoholic energy drinks?: No: the UFL is not affiliated with Four Brewing Company. They are named after locomotives, because of Las Vegas' rich history as a railroad town. However, the number four is available on their roster. And those of you who think it's worse without the caffeine just don't have the same tolerance for homeless people beverages than I do.

Does the UFL require players to be, like, three years out of college? No, but each player in the league is under contract until the February of the year after, with NFL teams looking to sign UFL guys needing to pay a $25,000 transfer fee. This makes it a somewhat risky move for someone with hopes of making the big leagues, as an NFL team will always look to sign somebody who won't cost them $25,000 unless they're really sold on a player. But it's a decent paycheck for guys willing to take it - players make about as much as average CFL players.

So that's that. Congratulations to Eric on being another NU athlete getting paid to play sports, save your comments about the level for... well, the comments section. Hope he makes it to the league.