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Northwestern Week at Off-Tackle Empire (as in, actual good writing about Northwestern)

Hopefully you noticed that Off Tackle Empire spent all week killin' it with regards to NU (Which I, of course, did not, because I just don't do that ever.) Well, if not, here's what they spat out, go, go read all of it, please!

First off, Hilary's summary of NU, which involves asking how good Dan Persa is. (Answer: very. Very damn good.)

Next, Chad's in-depth analysis of whether NU's defense is to blame for their 7-6 season, and of course, although he takes both sides, because it's a point-counterpoint, it's pretty inevitable to ignore the fact that our defense isn't good, although he reaches an interesting conclusion:

Simple -- Dan Persa (and, to a lesser Trumpy) kept drives going, keeping the Northwestern defense off the field.  The 2010 Wildcats offense, (including the Cats' last 3 games), lead the nation in methodical drives (i.e. drives that included at least 10 offensive plays) -- nearly 23% of the time on offense, the Wildcats were running off at least 10 plays, allowing their defense to rest, and keeping the opposing offense off the field.

Dan Persa, Chad argues (correctly), is also NU's defensive MVP.

Then came the potluck, whichliterally touches on everything about NU football. Must-read. The "which is your favorite NU bowl loss" is brutal, but so areare uniforms.

Yesterday brought a post by me about Dan Persa's game-winning touchdown pass to Demetrius Fields at the end of the Iowa game, by far the crappiest of all their posts.

Then today, Hayden Fry's Moustache Ride came in and talked about ass-biting and was awesome. (It's cute, because we beat their team.)

Awesome stuff all around, now go. Enjoy it being nice outside.