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The Northwestern Wildcats Present: The Seatbelt Dance

So I just got a relatively life-changing Facebook message from an NU men's soccer player.

Northwestern has seen it's fair share of music crazes this year: there was that freshman who wrote that awful song about things he couldn't possibly have experienced by October of his freshman year, there was the Kappa Rap 2, which, although was completely done by girls at Baylor - holler at me, Katie Whit - randomly took over NU's campus, then, of course, there was White and Purple.

But, guys, we got another one.

I present to you the Seatbelt Dance:

The song, in case you can't tell, is about the Seatbelt Dance. Click it. Or ticket. Click it. Or ticket. Click it. Or ticket.

The seatbelt enthusiasts are NU cornerback/safety Mike Bolden and men's soccer defender Pat GIbson (just putting together some info on his twitter, of course, he goes by P-Holla). There's a bunch of NU athletes in the video clicking it and avoiding tickets all around campus.

So, readers, I urge you: whatever your weekend plans are: make sure you do the seatbelt. Put safety first.