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John Shurna Day of Reckoning Open Thread

The day of reckoning is upon us.

Today is the last day John Shurna can withdraw his name from the NBA draft and return for his senior year at Northwestern, and if he chooses to stay in the draft, Northwestern is likely in for a long 2011-12 season. Without Shurna, this guy will be NU's 6th man next season. Here's my reaction to that news, in animated form.

If Shurna chooses to return, Northwestern will have a chance at that elusive NCAA tournament berth. Replacing Michael Thompson will prove difficult, but everyone else of significance will be back and two new point guards should provide depth in the backcourt.

So if for some strange reason you're near a computer today, saddle up and pray to the Mother for John Shurna's return to Evanston. The Trib's Teddy Greenstein says he'd "be FLOORED" if Shurna doesn't return, so that's good news.