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RECRUITING THUS FAR RECAP news peg of WR Mike McHugh, DT Connor Mahoney Commit to Northwestern

Two people committed to NU Tuesday night. I've admittedly been way laxer than I'd hoped on recruiting coverage - school, yo! - so let's take a look at what's gone down so far, starting with these two. I know caring = creepy, but in future, I'll be posting as soon as I hear word of people committing, but, let's make up for lost time by recapping the eight guys committed to NU so far.

McHugh is a wide receiver from Missouri who ran a 4.45 40 in front of NU coaches, received an offer, and took it ASAP, turning down Indiana in the process. Mahoney is a 6-foot-4 270-pound d-lineman from Malvern, PA, who took NU over Mizzou - and some Ivy League schools - after visiting both schools.

After the jump, peeks at the other six, about whom you've probably read somewhere if you care, but, if not, well, here!

  • Joseph Jones is a defensive back from Plano, Ill. who a lot of schools were turned off on because he broke a leg during high school. But, well, he's really fast - he finished first in some hurdles and the 100-meter dash as a track star, so, he's recovered from the leg thing - and is really used to playing in purple
  • Malin Jones out of Joliet Catholic is the No. 30 running back in the nation, according to Rivals, and committed to NU before watching the Cats... play well against Michigan State. (Or possibly after the first quarter.) He had offers from Iowa, Illinois, Louisville, and Toledo, before deciding on the Cats. (Not sure how he stayed committed after that game.) He's 6-foot-2, 190, which will make him the tallest - but one of the lightest - running backs NU has in its stable.
  • Dean Lowry is 6-foot-5, 225 at defensive end. He'll obviously have to bulk up, but not to worry: the defensive end from Boylan out in Rockford was sought after by five other Big Ten programs and Vanderbilt, and is considered the No. 35 DE in the nation (again, from Rivals.) He went to the same high school as Doug Bartels, but unlike Bartels, has a scholarship right off the bat.
  • Ian Park is another offensive lineman from the Keystone State, coming from Upper St. Clair in Pittsburgh. He's 6-foot-4, 295, and earned three stars from Rivals, and according to Scout, is the no. 34 OG in the country, having blocked in a successful run-heavy offense. He picked NU over a variety of schools, including West Virginia, Pitt, Cincinnati, and Vandy, just a day after receiving an offer.
  • Kenton Playko is another offensive lineman - pretty heavy on those, thus far, huh. At 6-foot-6, he plays left tackle for Olentangy in Lewis Center, Ohio, but apparently wasn't free tattoo material, as he didn't receive an OSU offer. He did get looks from West Virginia, Cincinnati, Indiana, and some MACks. He's also three stars.
  • Last, but, you know, not least (alphabetical up in here) is Dan Vitale from Wheaton Warrenville South. Rivals has him listed as "athlete", Scout as "safety", but it appears NU is interested in the 6-foot-2 - or, 6-foot-4, according to ESPN -  high school running back/wide receiver as a linebacker or superback. He's notable in that he appears to be the first recruit gotten by new WR's coach Dennis Springer. He also committed on the spot, which is always fun to see, unless it means we're doing a bad job of figuring how who to offer, which would be less fun to see.


Things seem to be coming along well for NU thus far, although no major grabs. As noted, I'll keep you updated more in depth, sorry for the laziness.