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NU Lands Pair of 3-Star Offensive Linemen, OG Adam DePietro (Lancaster, PA) and OT Eric Olson (Cambridge, MA)

Northwestern already had a pair of o-linemen in their pool of commits in Ian Park and Kenton Playko, but tonight the Cats added another pair, according to @NUScout, who reports that Adam DePietro of Lancaster, PA and Eric Olson of Cambridge, MA (scout him, Loretta8!) committed to NU on the same conference call.

DePietro played tackle in high school, but is slotted to be a guard in college. He's 6-foot-4, 278, the No. 2 offensive guard in Pennsylvania and No. 18 in the nation according to Scout and had offers from Michigan State, Boston College, and Illinois, and had drawn interest from Wisconsin. Olson - not to be confused with former Notre Dame and current Denver Broncos offensive lineman Eric Olsen, you see, there's an O and not an E - is 6-foot-6 (hence his credentials as a basketball player as well, although, you know, obviously not for NU) was primarily looking at Michigan (!) but also had an offer from Boston College, another instance of NU beating BC.

With the exception of Patrick Ward - a four-star talent - NU hasn't traditionally played offensive linemen right off the bat, so it's not like any of these guys will be replacing Al Netter in 2012, which oh my goodness is after i graduate. But with four guys already in the fold, NU clearly has a solid crop up front - an area where NU has struggled to find guys with the size and skill to play o-line in the Big Ten. Right now, NU starts a converted walk-on up front. Hopefully, classes like this indicate that that won't be a problem five years from now.