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Northwestern Adds Third Recruit of Day - TE Jack Schwaba, Upper Saint Clair (PA)

After landing two offensive linemen earlier, NU nabbed its 11th recruit of the class of 2012 Thursday night in tight end Jack Schwaba.

Schwaba is the No. 29 Tight End in the country, according to Scout. He's the teammate of already-committed guard Ian Park, the two combine to be a major part of that team's blocking as Schwaba apparently is more of the Josh Rooks vein of superback rather than the Drake Dunsmore. He also plays defensive end, but will be a superback here at NU - according to Chris Emma from Scout, he was NU's No. 1 target. He was drawing looks from Rutgers, Syracuse, and some MACks.

Allow me to say so before things have fallen fully into place, but it seems like NU's recruiting is going harder and faster than ever before: you don't expect to see 11 guys signed up to play for NU this early in the process that I can remember. And thus far, the only words I've seen have been "three star". Maybe that's a sign that recruiting services have eliminated two-star recruits, but maybe it's a sign NU has picked things up a notch.