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Wayyyyyy Too Early Prediction Talk: Northwestern-Boston College Chat with BC Interruption

I just took my last final, and I'm alredy talking about next football season? Yeesh.

You may remember SB Nation's Boston College site, BC Interruption from our chat before NU's smackdown of Boston College in the second round of the NIT. They're back for more. I sat down with BCHysteria over at that site - well, unless he was standing up while sending emails, which is weird - and Nasty Nas in Ya Area Bout to Cause Mass Hysteria, as I call him for short, was kind enough to answer some questions in response.

Jump it for stuff.

Sippin' on Purple: Last year, three BC quarterbacks combined to complete 51.3 percent of their passes and throw 19 picks compared to 13 touchdowns. Is it possible to expect, you know, positive things out of the passing game?

BC Hysteria: As a BC fan watching an incompetent passing game has become a rite of fall since 2007.  It’s just been one disappointing QB after another; Chris Crane, Dominique Davis, Justin Tuggle, Dave Shinskie, Mike Marscovetra and last year Chase Rettig. Each QB is more disappointing than the last.  But we as fans are expecting more than year with new OC Kevin Rogers taking over for Gary Tranquill. The biggest criticism of Tranquill was that he failed to create any sort of passing attack, and relied to heavily on the rush. During the spring game we saw flashes of a new direction with five WR sets and more passes to the tight ends.

SoP: The Eagles scored 18.5 points per game last year. You won seven games. How?

Hysteria: Defense. Defense. Defense. BC had the 19th ranked defense in the nation in points allowed, and for most of their wins kept BC in the game and put the offense in good field position. Add that to the fact that BC had a very easy schedule and voila you have 7 wins. Believe me, watching this team, even I was shocked that BC won 7 games.

SoP: Northwestern has a pretty bad run defense. BC has Montel Harris. Am I supposed to be terrified?

Hysteria: It pretty much depends. If NW is really terrible at defending the run, then yes. Be afraid, be very afraid. But if NW can key in on the run and force BC to be one dimensional, basically the game plan of every one of our opponents last year, then may be able to neutralize him.  Harris is possibly the greatest RB BC has ever had, and only needs 126 yards to break the career rushing record at BC, will it happen against NW?

SoP: Which defensive unit seems more likely to take the field this year: the one that let NC State hang up 44 points or the one that didn't allow more than 20 in the season's final six games (including a five game win streak)?

Hysteria: The stingy defense. BC played some really good offenses last year and held them in check. The best example had to be the Kraft Hunger Bowl, where BC held the 3rd ranked rushing offense, and 8th ranked scoring offense to 1 TD (and one on special teams). Your QB Dan Persa is scary though, because he is the "Russell Wilson" type of QB that torched BC at NC State. If he can avoid the pressure and tuck it and run when his receivers aren’t open, he could really cause havoc on the BC D.

SoP: Northwestern beat BC in the NIT last year, and, as you obviously all know, defeated the Eagles in the first round en route to a women's lacrosse national championship. Why do you guys keep coming back for more? How has the fanbase handled the crushing women's lacrosse defeat?

Hysteria: We have a women’s lacrosse team? Interesting to know. And don’t be modest, your basketball team didn’t just beat BC, they embarrassed them. Why do we do it? I think it all goes back to BC’s Catholic values of modesty, humility, and remaining humble. Every time BC gets to the point of being elevated to the next level, God steps in and blasts them back two steps so they are further back then when they started. Look at it, it’s happened in every sport BC plays in.

SoP: Before the NIT game, Brian gave an extremely premature 27-17 prediction for the season opener? Agree? Disagree? Does the fact he picked BC basketball to win effect how much you trust his football prediction?

Hysteria: Brian’s prediction sounds pretty good, I think BC will run the ball at will against the NW defense and control the ball. Look, Brian may be a BC homer, but I suffer from the same faults he does, maybe moreso. My expectations of the BC football becomes more warped and unrealistic as the summer progresses, so asking me about Brian’s expectations might not be wise. At this point my delusions have gone to the extremes that I think Chase Rettig could be a top QB in the ACC. In terms of bball I expected BC to stomp Northwestern, and ended up watching in horror, wiping my whiskey soaked tears off my Jared Dudley jersey after the game.