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Northwestern Undrafted Free Agent Linebacker Quentin Davie to sign with Detroit Lions (According to Quentin Davie)

The NFL lockout was pretty brutal for all of us - zero games missed! It was hell! - but especially on those who were free agents and couldn't get signed anywhere, livin in limbo for a few months, including several recent Northwestern graduates like Quentin Davie. 

According to... himself... on twitter, that wait is over: the linebacker has reached an agreement with the Detroit Lions where he'll try to make the team out of training camp. 

To be honest, I kind of expected Davie to get drafted in the later rounds of the draft: he's 6-foot-4 and relatively speedy for a linebacker, which obviously came with drawbacks in terms of his tackling ability, but those traits provide upside that a lot of linebackers - particularly, you know, undrafted ones - don't necessarily have. If he bulks up, he could stick around the league a little bit.

Davie isn't allowed to officially sign anything until Tuesday morning... but... well, if I was about to get a job that could be jeopardized by me tweeting about something inaccurately, I wouldn't do it. That would be silly and unprofessional. (Point being, ignore my "just got a job with the New York Times!" tweets in June. I'm lying.)

Anyway, congrats and best of luck to Sprintin' Quentin.