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Northwestern Undrafted DT Corbin Bryant to sign with Chicago Bears

The hits keep comin!

About, oh, eight minutes (I'm estimating) since Quentin Davie announced he'd be joining the Detroit Lions, Corbin Bryant has apparently reached an agreement with the Chicago Bears according to NFLDraftInsider (promptly retweeted by Bryant himself). When looking at draft projections a few months ago, it was pretty clear Davie and Bryant were the two prospects most likely to get drafted. Neither did. And now within a few hours of the lockout ending, both have gigs. 

Bryant got looks from the Bears before the draft, and he deserves it: he's jacked, even for NFL defensive linemen. However, I'm not exactly hype about this due to the Bears' propensity to sign Northwestern players - we're local, it's easy - and then not really do anything with them. In the past two years, the folks down at Halas Hall have brought C.J. Bachér, Eric Peterman, and Zeke Markshausen in for workouts, signed Peterman and Markshausen, and neither of them saw any action. (Peterman spent some time on the roster in season and made some catches in preseason ball, I don't believe Markshausen ever did either.) I think I might be forgetting people, too.

Obviously, Bryant has a chance to work shoulder-to-shoulder on the defensive line alongside his former linemate Corey Wootton, who was a third-round pick last year and of course, ended Brett Favre's career by slamming him into the cold Minnesota turf and YES HARMING BRETT FAVRE YES YES YES - I gotta admit it would be really cool for Bryant and Wootton to appear in an NFL game once again side-by-side. But Bryant has work to do - the Bears have five defensive tackles on the team, includinga fellow rookie in second-round draft pick Steven Paea.

Congrats and Bear Down to Corbin.