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Important things from Northwestern's Big Ten Media Days

I watched them. I read a billion articles. Here's the good stuff.

  • Dan Persa is 100 percent. Dan Persa is 100 percent Dan Persa is 100 percent. The words "Dan Persa is 100 percent" were said 4,000 times by 32 percent of the people at Big Ten Media Days. However, Coach Fitz noted that "It's going to be a little different because his body is going to operate a little different," which means, you know, he's technically speaking not 100 percent. The Achilles is healed, but that doesn't mean we'll be seeing the same Dan Persa opening day. (Maybe by the end of the year.) This reminds me of that time Corey Wootton had a knee injury and then came back 100 percent next September and everything was alright after that. 
  • Wide receiver and running back will see a lot of competition for playing time, but for different reasons. NU has a lot of talented guys vying for limited spots. At running back, Mike Trumpy, Adonis Smith, and Jacob Schmidt have to sort things out amongst themselves.
  • Fitz sees the linebacking corps as likely to impress. Well then.
  • At quarterback, NU has apparently sorted Kain Colter as "2A" and Evan Watkins as "2B". Sad news for the golden boy gunslinger, but you can't say it's particularly surprising after the TicketCity Bowl, where Colter did the majority of everything. Colter seems more ready now and more apt to fit into a system meant for a running quarterback. If he figures something out with that arm of his, he'll be special. 

The rest of it was talk and disliking other coaches. Discuss amongst yourselves.