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Northwestern-to-NFL Update: Corbin Bryant Actually a Pittsburgh Steeler, Zeke Markshausen to Kansas City Chiefs, plus more!

You thought that we were done reporting on guys who would have trouble making final cuts in September. WELL YOU WAS DEAD WRONG.


  • Things didn't work out for Corbin Bryant, who, only a few days ago, was supposedly repping the southside with Chicago lining up next to Corey Wootton. Apparently, the undrafted defensive tackle failed a physical and won't be headed to Halas Hall after all. Instead, he signed with the Steelers - a team that took a decent-sized look at Corbin back in April. The Steelers have been one of a few teams to have had interest in Bryant throughout this process, so, this might be a better fit, even if it is less like home. Corbin will have fun squaring off against former NU o-lineman Trai Essex in the trenches. This was said on his Twitter as "a crazy twist", but it looks like it all could work out.
  • Just when you thought you were done dealing with wide receiver Zeke Markshausen - THE SYNDROME - you're not. NU's ex-possession receiver flavor of the week had a cup of coffee in Bears' training camp last year, now he'll try to hang on down in Kansas City. Markshausen isn't necessarily cut out for the NFL with his size and speed, but I can see him as a significantly less gritty Wayne Chrebet, who, yes, was my favorite player growing up and I had his jersey because I was racist and thought he was really neat as opposed to Keyshawn Johnson who left the Jets, why would anybody leave the Jets that guys mean.
  • Look at Barry Cofield now. Look at Barry Cofield now. Look at Barry Cofield now. He's getting paper. The former NU defensive tackle has left the Giants for a $36 million contract spanning six years, which is weird, because the Redskins never overpay for defensive tackles! (Not that this is overpayment, but take it with a grain of salt as to how valuable a player the Human Taser is in the NFL.)
  • For a while, the Bears only had one NU player, then they were briefly up to two, then back to one, and now Nick Roach has reached a two-year, $4 million dollar deal to put him back on the club. Cats-to-Bears is a pretty nice connection. 

Good to see them Cats gettin paid! Lotsa Northwestern news floatin about so SoP will be locked and loaded as the season approaches, no matter the day of the week y'all!