But I thought small private schools in power conferences aren't allowed to recruit well?


Rodger tweeted about this, and I thought it was prevalent. Vanderbilt is on a recruiting tear in football, which goes against everything I'm told about recruiting. I spent most of my first year at NU taking heat from people for my general pessimism, which included our recruiting. We're usually near the bottom of the Big Ten in rankings and seem to top out at 3-star recruits. I'm usually met with the same rhetoric about us being a small private school in a big conference, but that's the same situation Vandy is in. So why can't we do it? Fitz had some quote about him being a 0-star recruit and a two time All-American, but he's not walking through that door (as a player, at least). I'm not asking for another All-American, but if we're going to compete for the occasional Big Ten title (which I'm told is a fair expectation), then we're going to need to step our game up in this department. Just my opinion.