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SIPPIN' ON PODCAST! Episode #001B, The First/Worst One.


It's the Sippin' on Purple Podcast Sippin' on Podcast Sippin on Purpcast Sippin on Podcast ok, we don't really have a name for it or anything yet, but it's the Sippin' on Purple Podcast, ready for your Thursday commutes!

So, me and Loretta decided to record a podcast and not tell anybody we were doing it in case it sucked really bad so nobody would know we ever tried, but it only sucked sorta bad, so here it is. Here to help me explain is Bold Faced Questions Guy.

Why should anybody listen to the Sippin' on Purpcast or whatever?

Well, they shouldn't. But basically it's like Sippin' on Purple but with sounds. 

Why is it so bad?

It'll get better. This was our first try, and you can tell by the sound quality/our lack of idea what's happening. This was just a practice run and we'll get more comfortable with it. I'm working on getting a theme song, although not one that rivals BHGP's. And we'll have guests and stuff.

Why is it so long?

Don't be jealous, that's just the way the man upstairs made me.

a) Stop lying.  b) I meant the podcast. 

Shut up.

Answer the question.

We were just trying to get the feel of doing a podcast. In future these will be shorter. And we'll have guests and stuff?

What do you have against BC backup quarterback Dave Shinskie? 

I dunno, I'm not the 32-year-old college junior.

Why is this so bad?

I SAID IT WILL GET BETTER WITH TIME OKAY. In the meantime, it isn't too bad for a first effort.

Yes, it is.

Why do I even let you on this site, Bold Faced Questions Guy?

I have compromising pictures of you. 


Will the initial SoP Podcast ever be found?

Nope. Never.


Anyway, here's the podcast. Hope you enjoy over the course of seven straight commutes from work. We'll figure out how to get it into iTunes eventually. 

Sippin' on Purple Podcast Episode 1B

My favorite part is the four seconds of noises at the beginning.

IF YOU DO LISTEN, me and Loretta are violently eager to hear feedback/thoughts/whether you hate it. Whatever you have to say, say it, because we're listening. Thanks y'all! And ten days!