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2012 DT Greg Kuhar Commits to Northwestern

Sorry for all the stuff - HEY. DON'T FORGET WE DID A PODCAST! - Northwestern has a new recruit, and a pretty good one. Greg Kuhar, a three-star defensive tackle from Concord Heights, Ohio, has committed to Northwestern, as reported initially via @NUScout then via everybody else. 

Kuhar is a legit get in an area NU has been weak: Iowa and Michigan had offers out to the 265-pounder, as did BC - recruits keep picking Northwestern over Boston College, kinda giving me premonitions, yo - Vandy, Syracuse, and West Virginia. Rivals has him as the No. 42 defensive tackle in the country.

If the name "Kuhar" sounds familiar to you, it's probably because you, like me, covered the Northwestern wrestling team as a freshman two years ago - his brother, Ben, is a heavyweight for the grapplin' Cats. In case you're wondering, I still know literally nothing about the sport of wrestling despite having had to cover it live and in person on multiple occasions. Lots of guys in awkward positions, things that look like they could kill you, and eventually you just learn to realize that when everybody else is excited, it means something exciting is happening. But this is all besides the point.

Kuhar is the 14th out of a class that still has room to fill - I'ma get better at covering recruits soon, but that's a story for another time.