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Northwestern's Boston College Depth Chart: Dan Persa will start at QB

Before you launch into the last weekend of pre-football, and before the power goes out up in here, Northwestern released its depth chart for the season opener against the Boston College Eagles, and we learned some stuff.


  • Dan Persa is the starting quarterback. However, WE DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS ACTUALLY MEANS. I still expect Kain Colter to play, a lot.
  • Mike Trumpy OR Jacob Schmidt at running back, so, it's not just Jacob Schmidt. Breathe easy. I assume Adonis Smith will get touches too. 
  • Jeff Budzien will be the placekicker with Steve Flaherty doing kickoffs. Good to see some separation of powers there, help conserve some legs.
  • Ben Johnson has moved back to strong-side linebacker to start with Collin Ellis injured, after Johnson had been moved to back up Bryce McNaul at weak-side earlier this year. He's backed up by Chi Chi Ariguzo.
  • Rashad Lawrence OR Christian Jones at one WR spot. We've heard exceptionally good things about both, but this looks like an indicator that the Cats will burn the redshirt of the 6-foot-3 freshman from Houston, much as they burned Lawrence's last year. 
  • David Arnold is injured, but he still has the No. 1 spot at safety with Ibraheim Campbell as the backup, although this could change. 

Enjoy your weekends, if any of y'all are going to Meet the Team night, nice, and, scroll down for all the other good stuff!