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Linebacker Jaylen Prater (Wellston, Ohio) Commits to Northwestern

Northwestern has its 15th commitment out of the class of 2012, and its a somewhat under-the-radarish linebacker recruit in Jaylen Prater from Ohio. 

Prater had offers from Cincinnati and Indiana but chose NU today after pretty much every site said he'd go to Northwestern yesterday.  Prater also had offers from Toledo and Ohio. He doesn't yet have a star rating in the Rivals system, and I'm actually having trouble finding him over on Scout, but let's not let that effect our views of him as a prospect. 

Prater is undersized at 6-foot, 225 according to Rivals. He's NU's first pickup at the linebacker spot for 2012 in a class that will continue growing as the Cats have a decent amount of scholarships to give out. Jaylen is also totally a Reggie Cleveland all-star, if you catch my drift - as much as I hate Bill Simmons, there's really no better way to put it.