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Sippin' on Purpcast Podcats Podcast, #002, BC Chillin' with BC Hysteria

Chase Rettig! He's "unwatchable", according to BCHysteria!
Chase Rettig! He's "unwatchable", according to BCHysteria!

What's weird is that you people enjoyed the podcast last week. Are you kidding? Did you listen to it? What's wrong with you?

Anyway, we got a hastily made theme song, featuring the song that gave the site its name, "Wasted" by Gucci Mane, and music! And BC Hysteria of BC Interruption! It's all here! (However, we learned a lot of stuff that you're not supposed to do when you have a guest on, like hope they can hear the other person through my speakers. It's a learning process.) Also, we have no clue what we're doing. But it's ready for your listening Thursday morning commute, and it's shorter than last time!

The musical interlude is "Flying Jets Over Boston", by SAMMY ADAMS, the frattiest rapper this side of Chet Haze and idol of every Bostonian teenager. He can actually rap decently when given a chance, but, most of his songs are you know, "I Hate College". 

So, here you go. Comment on how dumb we are below. 

Sippin' on Purple Podcast Episode 2

Also, I still hate everybody from Boston. All of you. Every last one.