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Sippin' on Podcast Purple Podcast Podcast Podcats, Episode #004: Jews and Top Gun with Jon Rosenberg

America: how does it work?

Loretta and I are joined - well, technically, only I am joined, but, you'll figure that out eventually - by Jon Rosenberg, one of the proprietors of the new and quite good Central Street Beat. Rosenberg runs the Seven Minutes in Heaven podcast, which has featured noted sports enthusiasts Mo Greene and Juice Thompson, meanwhile, all I've done is have him on, so, he's winning this battle by virtue of being a less interesting guest than the guests he has on his podcast. I have reread that last sentence eight times and am not sure if it's an insult or a compliment, but regardless, Army. We discuss our bubbies' latke recipes and which nice Jewish girls we plan on marrying.



"Top Gun Anthem", Howard Faltenmeyer: In addition to being the most American song of all time, and therefore the best, Top Gun Anthem puts Northwestern in a good mindset before the Army game. We obviously have the utmost respect for Army, its players, and the men who serve. But this is football, and we must focus on winning. Therefore, it's time for us to remember that if United States Naval Aviator Lt. Pete Mitchell  had a rooting interest, he would back not the Black Knights, but the Navy Midshipmen. As would Goose. In this shirtless volleyball showdown, we must remember that there's no prize for second place.