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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Army Black Knights Game Thread

I love America. But today, I acknowledge that we must beat it.

Northwestern plays it and we sold out the damn stadium. However, I figure a good amount of human beings are not at West Point - for example, me - and that means it's game thread time! For one day, patriotism goes on hold as we type things like HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DEFEND OUR COUNTRY WHEN YOU CAN'T DEFEND KAIN COLTER and then feel dirty inside. It's going to be weird watching a road game where an absurd amount of fans are Northwestern people. It's also weird that the rest of the Big Ten is absurdly bad at football because I'm looking on my TV and Penn State and Iowa are both losing to Pitt and Temple and I want it to stop although I also am kind of excited about the Big Ten this year because we might win football games.

Go Cats, yo.