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Army Black Knights, 21, Northwestern 14 postgame thread


Northwestern's defense couldn't get off the field as the Wildcats fell to a pretty beatable-seeming Army squad, falling to 2-1 on the season. None of us expected this and it's Northwestern's first loss to a non-BCS opponent in quite a long time.

We were all quite optimistic about Northwestern's chances this year right after the BC game: The Cats went on the road, beat a pretty quality (or so we thought) opponent without their best quarterback. The Big Ten looked shaky and NU looked like it had a chance at a decent finish in a sub-par Big Twenvle conference.

Since, BC has looked awful, and now we have NU dropping a game to a team that couldn't beat NIU or SDSU. We have a quarterback controversy as Kain Colter's throwing skills seemed inept with Trevor Siemian forced to drive an NU comeback and we have a defense that just struggled against the triple option, giving up four or five yards invariably.

Lament up in here. Questions abound.