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Sippin' on Purple Blogpoll Week Four: The First One

I am part of why the Commodores are receiving votes.
I am part of why the Commodores are receiving votes.

What, reading what Lake the Posts thinks about the Top 25 ain't enough for you punks? 

It's late, but I decided to join the fray over at Blogpoll - you can read errbody's thoughts and see whose week 4 Blogpoll ballots are straight up silly over at the mothership courtesy of Andy Hutchins - so we have a place where we can say how we feel about college football, because college football is interesting and whatnot. We'll do this weekly, so we can be all mad at each other which is fun.

When making a week four ballot, it really helps to have made a week three ballot. Because then you know how you thought about things before this week and it allows you to rationalize your moves based on a team's performance. Instead, I just had to go and decide whom I thought the best 25 teams in college football were. 

So here goes. This is a very imperfect first stab and I'll get better at rationalizing as the year goes on, much as you'll get better at telling me I'm wrong.

(Also, in future I'll do this mondays.)


No. 1: Oklahoma Sooners

Yes, this is resume voting, but after beating Florida State, to me Oklahoma seems the best team who has one the biggest game. Having weathered the FSU test, Oklahoma seems to me the team I consider the most likely to run the table and finish 12-0, right now, I'd pick Oklahoma. You can debate whether or not this makes them the best team in the country, but I also think this is true.

No. 2: LSU Tigers

That stuff up there said, I will probably flip-flop on the Oklahoma/LSU question until someone loses, or at least plays poorly. Both have a quality W and look unscrewable with right now. A lot of this will come down to how Oregon and FSU play as the year goes on to see which was the better win, as you can see, I have them ranked pretty closely as well. I eagerly await somebody scoring on LSU.

No. 3: Boise State Broncos

I have not punished them for Georgia's 1-2-ishness. 

No. 4: Alabama Crimson Tide

If they make either Arkansas or Florida look like they made Penn State look, I'll be impressed and move them up. You see, I think Penn State sucks.

No. 5: Stanford Cardinal

Andrew Luck is murder on a wide scale. Nobody's tested the Cardinals but whatevs. Also, who told Arizona to play such a stacked early schedule? It makes all my transitive propertying a lot easier.

No. 6: Wisconsin Badgers

About all that transitive propertying, ignore Wisconsin's 49-7 beatdown of NIU and its implications for Northwestern after NU lost to Army. I feel bad putting them over OSU and TAMU despite not having played anybody of any import but genuinely think they're a better team.

No. 7: Oklahoma State Sooners

Brandon Weeden is cementing his place in the Dave Shinskie Living Memorial 28-Year-Old Former Minor League Washout Turned College Quarterback and Possibly Statutory Rapist Hall of Fame. In other news, 2000 Heisman Trophy winner Chris Weinke just switched retirement homes at the age of 93.

No. 8: Texas A&M Aggies

However, Weeden's quarterbacking will have difficulty statutorily raping the Aggies' defense, as its one of the best in the country and also most of them are over the age of consent.

No. 9: Nebraska Cornhuskers

If I had balloted last week, the Huskers would've dropped after a middling performance against Washington and their lack of Locker.

No. 10: Oregon Ducks

I don't see losing to a team as talented as LSU as a major demerit. It's just tough scheduling. Obviously, they aren't as good as LSU but I think the season will show they're a better team than the punks below.

No. 11: FSU Seminoles

Same goes for FSU. Never mind my decision making behind putting Oklahoma at one with FSU 11 and LSU two with Oregon 10 and the complete lack of basic logic involved.

No. 12: Baylor Bears

I have them pretty high, having done nothing wrong besides beat a legit top 25 team and shut out their noncon game. Oh, wait, those are both good things.

No. 13: Florida Gators

Talking about teams I have higher than most people, Florida! Chris Rainey and his 233 yards against Tennessee are of note.

No. 14: South Carolina Gamecocks

What, exactly have the 'Cocks done of note? Sure, beating Georgia, kinda, sorta, but too close for comfort against East Carolina and wayyyyyy too close for comfort against Navy. The Georgia game gets them this ranking but the rest ain't encouraging.

No. 15: Virginia Tech Hokies

They're 3-0 but meh.

No. 16: Arkansas Razorbacks

They're 3-0 but  are meh enough to make Virginia Tech's "meh" look like Pat Fitzgerald fighting a centaur.

No. 17: West Virginia Mountaineers

I have faith in the Mountaineers to score multiple points against LSU this weekend.Not just one or two. Winning, different story.

No. 18: Illinois Fighting Illini

Illinois looks damn impressive right now. How this happens with the Zooker is beyond me. I probably should've ranked them a lot higher so it looks more impressive when NU, uh, loses to them next week.

No. 19: Clemson Tigers

They beat Auburn and all! Last year's national champion! That's impressive and why I think the 2009 NU team should have been in the national championship game and not the Outback Bowl. Also, I have never heard of or thought about anybody named Cameron Newton.

No. 20: TCU Horned Frogs

Not hating on these guys for losing to a Baylor team I think is quite good.

No. 21: Texas Longhorns

They're Texas! But other than that, you know, like, uh, they're a 3-0 team that barely beat BYU, who lost 54-10 to Utah, who I don't think are poll-worthy

No. 22: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

They haven't scored less than 49 points in a game yet and just beat a Big 12 team - yeah, Kansas, but whatevs - by over 40. How people aren't ranking them I dunno.

No. 23: South Florida Bulls

I suppose if you could summarize my theorizing that makes my poll different than most people's, it's that I think the talent on the field in the shootout in TCU-Baylor was vastly superior to the shootout on the field in Notre Dame-Michigan, and that South Florida and Michigan don't deserve our praise.

No. 24: Michigan Wolverines

I expect Northwestern to beat this team. Northwestern is not in my poll by a long shot.

No. 25: Vanderbilt Commodores

Going out with a bang, VANDY BABY! The 'Dores are 3-0 after back-to-back victories over BCS schools, beating UConn and stomping Ole Miss to go to 1-0 in conference. I also love Vanderbilt and please can I transfer if you let me stay another year.