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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Boston College Eagles Game Thread

At long last, the wait is over.

Normally the things I write in the game thread are brief and boring, so, forgive me for taking a moment here.

The state of the Sippin' on Purple community is pretty sick. I never thought it would get this big - the site numbers this past week have been even bigger than I assumed they would be at the beginning of the week, and the comments are getting pretty nice too. I'm overwhelmingly proud of the thing we've built. Y'all are funny and smart and don't hate me, which are the three characteristics I'm looking for in a comments section and/or significant other. This speech goes out to two people:

1) Those of you who read the site, but don't comment. Stop that! (The not commenting, not the reading.) The water's warm and the more people, the more fun this all is. Game threads are a pretty fun place to start because everybody's going nuts and nobody has any clue what is happening and whatever jokes can be made can sooth us. We want you and need you.

2) Those of you who already comment. Don't kill each other. If you don't like something, ignore it and move on. Also, remember to make lots of dumb jokes, post dumb pictures (with titles so people can collapse them!) and generally make fools of yourselves, just don't let it get hateful. Let's have this be the most #Persastrong comments section of all time.

I'm at BC as is Loretta, but Herman has his watchful eye on you fools.

This took long enough, and I'm dying with excitement. Let's do this.

Go Cats.