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Pat Fitzgerald Intense-o-meter Update: Illinois Edition

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The Pat Fitzgerald Intense-o-meter is a device designed to measure a human being's intensity. Built in the 1960's by the CIA with the intention of learning the intentions of Soviet dictators, it fell into my hands and I use it to monitor the mindset of Northwestern's head coach, the most intense man in the world, in order to see how important of a game the upcoming week's matchup is.

It's back! And just in time for Big Ten season!

The intense-o-meter fell into disuse over the past few years and has just been kinda sitting on the sidebar, unloved. But that's going to change over the course of conference play.

Illinois week reading: 7.6, symptoms include the ability to microwave popcorn by touching it.

Fitz is absolutely AMPED for this game. First off, it's the start of Big Ten play. This makes Pat Fitzgerald, who loves the Big Ten and Big Ten football, happy. Second off, NU is coming off an ugly loss to Army. He has yelled at objects in his house loudly enough to make them smash. A win here would be huge to get the taste of that loss out of his mouth and also would just generally calm things in the Northwestern football universe. Thirdly, since Illinois is a rivalry game, and he loves BS reasons to be mad at things, he is mad at Illinois. In the presser on Monday, he said last year's loss meant he didn't need much motivation besides his team's poor play, Wednesday, he called Illinois "Central Illinois' Big Ten team". He just generally seemed displeased with things that are orange. Fitz is the type of guy who thinks winning the Land of Lincoln trophy is important. Thus, 7.6