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This week's edition of The SOPPPP features me and Loretta dancing around nothing for an hour after the person who was supposed to guest bailed on us at the last minute. I guess we're just not big time enough for some people :(

It's probably for the best, since our podcast is extraordinarily unprofessional. It features us comparing EIU's quarterback to Janeane Garofalo, even though neither of us know anything about Janeane Garofalo, and talking about Eastern Illinois for a grand total of seven minutes even though the podcast is longer than that. (You see, we had important things to talk about, like Dan Persa and Kain Colter and Boston College, although we didn't discuss the potential statutory offenses of Dave Shinskie this week.)

Enjoy. I absolutely need to point out that as we do more of these and have guests we'll get better at making them concise and on-topic, but for now, you get us rambling.

Sippin' on Purple Podcast Episode 3


"Bitches and Taco Bell", White Licorice - my friend Brandon made a mixtape in July and I never really had a chance to pimp it because I never had a chance to make people listen to music. I'm not putting it on here because he asked me or because I know him or whatever, it's because he's like, genuinely good at rapping. If you like rap with clever wordplay, impressive amounts of similar-sounding syllables, and jokes about David Sedaris, download the mixtape by going here and clicking on the tab that says "music". 

"Escape", Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth - I originally picked this because of the "sweatin me like Cain sweatin Abel" line, but, well, it's one of the nicest beats of all time. I'm not sure Pete Rock ever wrote his verses - this is one of the few tracks the master producer raps on off of the duo's second album, The Main Ingredient - but he get your head nodding. (Also, after making the podcast I forgot a way, way better song I should've used and feel stupid.) (I mean, not way better, because this is one of my favorite rap songs to listen to of all time, but, like, better in terms of being related to Kain.)