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2012 Northwestern Wildcats Football

WATCH: Highlights from Northwestern’s 31-27 win over Purdue

Most of these came in the first 30 minutes.

2019 three-star offensive lineman Connor Foster commits to Northwestern

Foster is the eighth recruit in the class.

Northwestern ranked No. 21 in latest College Football Playoff rankings

The Wildcats are inching their way to the top.

The secondary's struggles have been exaggerated

Northwestern's pass defense has a reputation for being below average. But a closer look at the last five seasons indicates otherwise.

Gator Bowl: View from the Stands

When the clock hit 0:00, with the score Northwestern 34, Mississippi State 20, there was pandemonium on the NU side of Everbank Field. It was a great day to be a Wildcats fan.

Kain Colter as QB against Penn State

He got just 14 snaps as quarterback. Why so few?

Northwestern vs. Penn State preview by the numbers

A statistical look at Saturday's Northwestern @ Penn State match-up.

Northwestern-Indiana preview by the numbers

A statistical look at Saturday's Northwestern-Indiana match-up

Wednesday Big Ten Sampler, Week 5

Reviewing Northwestern's conference mates and non-conference opponents.

Quick Thoughts On Northwestern-South Dakota, 4-0

Northwestern Wildcats 38, South Dakota Coyotes 7: Postgame Thread

Northwestern Wildcats vs. South Dakota Coyotes Game Thread

Northwestern Wildcats vs. South Dakota Coyotes: feel the excitement, dunny!

Northwestern-South Dakota Prediction/Preview Threadstravaganza!

The Northwestern Wildcats are expected easily to win over the FCS South Dakota Coyotes - does anybody disagree?

Friday Sips, Featuring Traveon Henry, Brian Arnfelt, and Venric Mark's Fake Heisman Campaign

Someone kind of thinks Venric Mark should be the Heisman Trophy winner, plus some profiles on NU players ahead of the team's game against South Dakota.

Name Of The Week: South Dakota Edition:

Nile Banks leads South Dakota's name candidates.

Next On The Chopping Block: South Dakota

Examining the University of South Dakota Coyotes and reliving their win over Minnesota in 2010.

Will Northwestern Be The Last Undefeated Big Ten Team?

There are three undefeated teams left in the Big Ten: the Northwestern Wildcats, Ohio State Buckeyes, and Minnesota Golden Gophers. Which one will last the longest?

Northwestern-Boston College: A look at NU's run defense

A look at three plays that encapsulate why Northwestern's run defense was so effective against Boston College's running attack.

Wednesday Sips, Featuring Chili's, Yankton, and Miller High Life

The defensive line films dinner at Chili's and more from the day in Northwestern internets.

BlogPoll, Week 3: Northwestern Ranked No. 23

The Northwestern Wildcats are No. 23 in the latest BlogPoll.

Advanced Video Analysis Of The South Dakota Coyotes

REAL, LIVE footage of the South Dakota Coyotes in advance of their matchup with an undefeated Northwestern Wildcats team, and not just cartoons.

Tuesday Sips, Featuring Train, More Jeff Budzien, and Talkin Bout Practice (Uniforms)

Some more miscellany from the Northwestern-Boston College game

A few more notes, observations and miscellany from the Northwestern's 22-13 win over Boston College

Sippin' on Purple Blogpoll, Week 4

A BlogPoll ballot, featuring Northwestern cracking the top 25!

Monday Sips, Featuring Jeff Budzien, Demetrius Fields' Colorblindness, and Venric Mark's Confusing Heisman Hype

Jeff Budzien is one of the best kickers in the country, so he should get a trophy. At least for this week. That and other Northwestern football links.

Plays of the Week: Red Zone Woes

A look at why Northwestern struggled to get the ball into the end zone against Boston College.

Quick Thoughts on Northwestern-Boston College, Being 3-0

The Northwestern Wildcats remained despite poor red zone offense against the Boston College Eagles.

Boston College Eagles vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread!

The Northwestern Wildcats take on the Boston College Eagles, hoping to remain undefeated on the young season.

Northwestern BoT Approves $250 Million Athletic Facilites Upgrade

Northwestern-Boston College Prediction/Preview Threadstravaganza!

The Northwestern Wildcats look to advance to 3-0 with a home win over the Boston College Eagles - how does the SoP staff feel about the game?

Friday Sips, Featuring Ethering @RealSkipBayless, NU Bears, And More

Name of the Week: Boston College Edition

Spiffy Evans caught two touchdowns last week and is very well dressed.


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